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About Us

The Philippine Journal of Crop Science (PJCS, abbreviated as Philipp J Crop Sci) publishes original papers on all aspects of crop science and technology, be it in research, instruction, training or extension. Manuscript may be a research report, review, lecture, or policy statement. This reflects the perspective of its publisher, the Crop Science Society of the Philippines (CSSP), when it was founded in 1970 as expressed in the first divisions of CSSP: Crop Production and Management, Processing and Marketing, and Teaching and Extension, a similar outlook in the CSSP: Declaration of Faith. Since 2000, the journal is being co-published by the Federation of Plant Science Societies of the Philippines (FPSAP) formerly Federation of Crop Science Societies of the Philippines (FCSSP).

Editorial Board

Dr. Rhodora R. Aldemita

Editor in Chief and Circulation Manager

Dr. Pompe C. Sta Cruz​

Issue Editor

Dr. Annalissa L. Aquino

Managing Director

Renelle C. Yebron

Business Manager

Glaisa R. Garcia

Circulation Assistant and Layout Artist

Section Editors
Dr. Rhodora R. Aldemita

International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA) - SEAsia Center

Dr. Roel R. Suralta

Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice, Muñoz, Nueva Ecija)

Dr. Glenn B. Gregorio

UP Los Baños

Dr. Analiza Henedina M. Ramirez

UP Los Baños

Prof. Cenon D. Elca

UP Los Baños

Prof. Sancho Bon

Scientist, UP Los Baños

Dr. Lilia M. Fernando

UP Los Baños

Dr. Jessica D. Rey

UP Diliman

Dr. Gabriel O. Romero

Bayer-Monsanto, Philippines

Dr. Rex B. Demafelis

UP Los Baños

Dr. Norvie L. Manigbas

Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice, Muñoz, Nueva Ecija)

Dr. Filomena C. Sta Cruz

UP Los Baños

Dr. Lucille Elna P. De Guzman

UP Los Baños

Dr. Jose Nestor M. Garcia

UP Los Baños

Dr. Eureka Teresa M. Ocampo

UP Los Baños